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What to Expect on Sunday

Upstairs at Club Sapphire

Sapphire Life Church meets 4pm every Sunday at Club Sapphire (Merimbula-Imlay Bowling Club)

119 Main Street, Merimbula

Every Sunday we gather at Club Sapphire Merimbula, upstairs in the Sapphire room for our weekly Worship Gathering.

Our services are followed with an invitation to join us for dinner, we love this time of gathering and fellowship and can't wait for you to join us.

Our services are also available online here:


​We believe that lives are transformed when people meet Jesus. Our Sunday gatherings are the overflow of this transformation as we gather together to give to God.


We worship Him, we give Him our devotion to His Word, and we share His love with others.

Here at Sapphire Life we are light on our feet so we like to bring creative expressions of our faith and love for God through music, song, personal stories, video, art and dance. Our church gathering is kid friendly, youth friendly, and tourist friendly!


We hope and pray that every person who gathers on Sunday has a transformation through their encounter with God.

See you Sunday.

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